Checklist of Parts

Siding Choice Name Qty. Options
Panel Name economy/mid grade/premium
Profile D4/D5/Dutchlap
Siding Accessories Size Color Qty. Options
Outside Corners 10 ft. standard/super corner (20 ft.)
Inside Corners 10 ft.
J-Channel 12 ft.
Finish Trim 12 ft.
Starter Strip 12 ft.
Fixture Mount various mounting blocks
Split Mini
Dryer Vents
Electrical Outlet
Meter Block
Jumbo Mount
Insulation sheet
House Wrap
Soffit T4 Non Vented
Soffit T4 Full Vented
Soffit T4 Center Vent
F-Channel 12 ft.
J-Channel 12 ft.
Alumimum Fascia 12 ft. width
Aluminum Trim Coil
Trim Nails length
Siding Nails
Button Kap Nails
Other Items

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